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Trusted buyer of all kinds of jewelries. Contact us: 02 7502 4699 | Mobile No. 0917 574 9388

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We guarantee your valuables received the HIGHEST APPRAISAL OFFER. Our experts are the leading jewelry buyers in the Philippines, and after careful evaluation you will be offered the highest feasible price for the items you wish to sell. Sell your jewelry, watches, old gold jewelries, high end bags and consider new possibilities.


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We buy all kinds of jewelry, scrap gold, gold, diamonds, high-end watches, old coins and high end bags.

We are buying all kinds of diamonds like diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces, large diamonds, rare diamonds, and more. We are certified and can offer the most cash for any diamond you have to sell. We also buy loose and different colored diamonds as well. We buy blue, red, violet, red, brown, yellow etc.

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